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About My Recipes Book:  "The recipes contained in my book are the essence of over a thousand recipes collected over the last thirty years. The core of my recipe book is based on traditional home cooking recipes collected by various people throughout the world using everyday ingredients. Many popular recipes used today by chefs in restaurants and hotels are based on the basic ingredients of my recipes. I have written the recipes in such a style as to be friendly and easy to understand. Many cookery books contains recipe language jargon that are best understood by professionals only. This book is different inasmuch that I have written my recipes in such a style as to be easily understood by beginners or cookery work groups. Once you have viewed the contents of my Recipes Book, I am sure you will agree that the variety of recipes collected should just about suit your every need or requirement."


Recipe For Individual Baked Alaskas

If you have space in your freezer, then this simple dessert is a great standby. It is economical enough for a family dinner or elegant enough for guests.

Ingredients :

1 fresh jam Swiss Roll
Ice Cream

Fit a slice of Swiss Roll into the base of individual ramekin(ovenware) dishes, pour over sherry, spoon in softened ice cream (flavour to taste) then cover with meringue.

These may be kept in the freezer for weeks at this stage.
When required, place in a pre heated hot oven for 6 minutes until golden.

Don't use any fruit, it freezes too hard.

Note: when making simple meringues, use 50g (2oz)-castor sugar for each whipped egg white.

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